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Services to NPOs

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Capacity Training

Siyakhula Trust is a specialist NPO that focuses on capacity building and organisational development. As a NPO and PBO we understand the challenges of community development and over the past 29 years we have assisted a vast number of civil society organisations become sustainable.

Whether we are dealing with CBOs, NGOs, Community Development Forums, School Governing Bodies, Youth Associations, Community Property Associations or Cooperatives or Income-generating Projects, we are able to design the correct intervention to meet their needs.

We also walk with the projects over a period of years in order to ensure that they receive constructive coaching and mentoring. This process ensures that skills are transferred and that communities become empowered.

Siyakhula Trust is an accredited training provider with the LGSETA. The Trust also holds programme accreditation with the ETDP SETA.

The Trust offers a comprehensive range of training programmes for non-profit organisations. Many of these programmes are aligned to unit standards but due to the nature of the development sector, we also have programmes that have been designed specifically to address the needs of NPOs and other community organisations.

Unfortunately, no relevant unit standards have been developed to address these many of these needs; however, material and assessment assignments are designed to meet the same quality standards as exist in our aligned and accredited training programmes.

The programmes are practical in nature and are aimed at developing NPO leadership and organisational sustainability.

Key programmes for NPOs, Community Organisations and Community Development Forums are organised into phases:

Phase 1: Introduction to CBO Management (5 days)

Phase 2: Integrated Business Planning

Business plan and Project Planning (5 days)

Marketing and Financial Planning (5 days)

Resource Mobilisation (5 days)

Phase 3: Monitoring and Control

Financial Record Keeping / Bookkeeping (4 days)

Document Record Keeping and Report Writing (4 days)

In addition to these programmes Siyakhula Trust also offers the following capacity building interventions:

Education Management and Development

School Governance for SGBs

Empowering School Leadership


School Budgeting and Fundraising

Leadership Programme for RCLs

Train the Trainer for DoE officials working in the area of School Governance

Design of SGB and education related training material and handbooks

NB. These programmes can be tailor made for specific interest groups, such as disability, preschool education, HIV AIDS, domestic violence etc

Youth Development

Youth Leadership

Advanced Youth Leadership


Youth Life skills

Study Skills

Managing Career Opportunities

Stress Management for Youth

Rural Development

Rural Development Committee Programme

Village Development Committee Programme

Farmers Association Programme

Leadership and Community Awareness for Traditional Leaders

NB. These programmes can be tailor made for specific interest groups, such as disability, preschool education, HIV AIDS, domestic violence etc.


Organisational Development

Siyakhula Trust works with NPOs to assist them to build institutional sustainability.

Our support services assist NPOs to:

Institute good governance

Develop effective constitutions

Obtain NPO and PBO status and ensure legal compliance

Develop relevant policies and procedures

Address HR matters

Compile strategic and operational business plan

Compile budget and manage their financial affairs

Develop a fundraising strategy and to apply for funding

Develop effective networks

Write effective reports

Cooperatives and Income Generation

We offer a range of business related programmes for co-operatives and income-generating project.

These are based on unit standards from the New Venture Creation National Certificates.

Programmes include:

Co-operative governance


Developing your product or service

Effective Costing

Managing your financial affairs

Marketing and Sales

Stock management

Mentoring and Coaching

Siyakhula Trust offers mentoring and coaching support to NPOs. By the time our contract is complete with the organisation they are able to conduct their affairs without the need of external support.

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