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Ward Committee Participation

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Ward committees play a vital role in the local government participatory process. Unfortunately, many ward committees do not function as effectively as they should due to a lack of knowledge about their roles and responsibilities.

We are accredited by the LGSETA to present the National Certificate: Ward Committee Governance (Level 2: 120 Credits) SAQA ID 57823. Should you wish your ward committee members to complete the qualification in order to earn a National Certificate, please contact us.

We are however, conscious that ward committee members are non-paid volunteers and they may not have the time to attend an intervention that could take 12 18 months to complete. However at the same time it is essential that they understand how municipalities work and what they need to do in order to support their councilor and help their municipality provide the services which their communities needs.

As a result, we have designed a 5-day Skills Programme, which addresses key core unit standards within the National Certificate. This programme has been accredited by the LGSETA and we have been commended by them for designing an outstanding practical programme.

Ward Committee Participation is aligned to four unit standards, namely:

U/S ID U/S Title Level Credits
242893 Display an understanding of the policy and legal framework guiding the Ward Committee system and its functioning 2 6
242890 Display an understanding of core municipal processes and Ward Committee participation in these processes 3 10
242892 Display an understanding of the Constitution, structure of Ward Committees and the role and responsibilities of committee members 2 6
242896 Demonstrate an understanding and apply the broad principles of Ward Committee functioning to participate in municipal processes 2 10
Total Credits 32

The 5-day programme can be presented in one week or can be delivered in modules. We are able to train a maximum of 30 delegates per course and would suggest that 3 ward committees are brought together per course. We would also strongly recommend that their ward councillors also attend the training sessions, so that they can build rapport with their committee and also to ensure that all parties clearly understand what is required.

Our skilled facilitators have a great deal of experience in local government and although the training is delivered in English, they are able to interact with and answer questions in all South African languages.

As this is an accredited programme, we do expect the ward committee members to complete the process and submit a Portfolio of Evidence for assessment. In order to assist the ward committee members, much of the assessment activities will take place during the training sessions.

Other activities will require them to discuss action and report on progress. These activities have been designed in such a way that they will take place in ward committee meetings.

All activity evidence can be presented in their home language if they so wish. This will ensure that no one will be disadvantaged.

The Siyakhula Trust ETD Institute facilitators and assessors will also provide support to the ward committee members during the POE building phase.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you build effective ward committees in your municipality.

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