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Municipal Finance Management Programme

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This programme, which is in support of the minimum competency regulations (Gazette No 29967 of June 2007) falls under the auspices of the National Treasury and is accredited by the LGSETA.

The Gazette requires that all senior financial officials meet the stipulated minimum competency levels by September 2015, namely:

• Accounting Officers

• Chief Financial Officers

• Senior Managers

• Financial Officers at Middle Management Level

• Heads of Supply Chain Management Units

• Supply Chain Management Managers

The MFMP comprises 28 unit standards which have been organised into the following Learning Programmes (LP):

• LP 1: Strategic management, budgeting implementation and performance management

• LP 2: Municipal accounting and risk management

• LP 3: Governance and legislation

• LP 4: Costing and capital planning

• LP 5: Municipal support and project management

• LP 6: Supply Chain Management and Public Private Partnerships

Siyakhula Trust has been awarded full programme approval to deliver all 28 skills programmes. We have been involved with this programme since 2008 and have trained officials and interns from many municipalities in South Africa.

Talk to us if you want to:

• Conduct a MFMP Needs Analysis with your targeted financial officials

• Arrange for ‘Recognition for Prior Learning’ (RPL) for your senior staff who have a wealth of experience in municipal finance

• Schedule training for the targeted officials to complete the basket of competency unit standards for their positions

• Schedule training for targeted officials to attend the 20 programmes which form part of the National Certificate: Municipal Finance - Level 6 - SAQA ID 48965. This will give them both the HET qualification and competency results for the senior categories

• Expose your targeted officials to RPL and training for all 28 unit standards which comprise the National Treasury: Municipal Finance Management Programme

In Addition

You may like to:

• Arrange for your all your officials working in Supply Chain to attend LP 6 i.e.

- U/S 116353: Participate in the design and implementation of municipal supply chain management

- U/S 119353: Plan and implement public private partnerships for municipal service delivery; or

- The unit standard that form part of the competency basket for Supply Chain Managers.

• Arrange for financial officials to attend selected unit standards based on legislation.

We are able to offer the entire MFMP (28 programmes) or the National Certificate: Municipal Finance - SAQA ID 48965 - Level 6 (20 programmes) or individual programmes depending on your needs.

MFMP Needs Analysis

We have designed a web-based needs analysis based on the unit standards comprising the MFMP. The analysis takes less than 90 minutes to complete and can be completed at the officials work station as long as there is Internet connectivity.

An individual MFMP development report is produced which will enable the municipality to determine whether the official is a candidate for RPL or needs to be scheduled for training.

This electronic questionnaire was used by the City of Joburg to determine the development options for their financial officials

Recognition of Prior Learning

We are able to offer RPL assessment services to those officials who feel that due to academic qualifications and practical experience, they are suitable candidates for RPL. Potential candidates for RPL can apply for individual unit standards or a group of unit standards.

A RPL Advisor will be allocated to work with each RPL candidate and will guide them through the process.

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